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The spring run – Sunday 3rd April

A grey start of the day

back of 2cvThe day didn’t look too promising as the sky was very very grey that morning, and it had been raining around 9am. The meeting point was the car park of the aviator cafe by the Aeroclub. The first ones to report on the car park and sample the teas of the cafe were Phil Rondel and his grandson James with their gleaming white 2cv.

A bit of cleaning

IMG_0696Titinne and Murielle were a close second, soon to be joined by a newcomer to the runs, John who had brought his Mehari out in the cold(ish) weather; number 4 was Sean driving Camille. Emmy carrying Peter and Lynne, Jo & Mark with their grey Charleston Celeste, Anne and Gary with Cassis. The wooden spoon of arrival went to Scarlett, driven by Helen.

In her defense, Helen had taken Scarlet out from her cosy garage on Friday and taken her with her whilst enjoying the delight of the Corbiere Radio station so she could attend the meeting. We were all please to see them but couldn’t help giving them a bit of ribbing as Scarlett had been a dirty stop out, Helen quickly got a duster out to give her a quick dust around whilst moaning about the seagull poop that been dotted on the roof….


IMG_1273Spring is in the air.

The theme of the run was spring time and participants had been ask to decorate their vehicles, only Titinne and Celeste had made the effort to put on their finery. After a cold wait for any potential stragglers, Murielle picked Emmy as the convoy lead to take the group to the east of the Island where a table had been booked at Ransom Garden Centre for refreshments.


Peter did take us through some roads I didn’t know existed, we had a lovely drive through the green lanes, pushing 15 mph. going up and down the daffodils speckled green fields, very pleasant indeed !  I think I spotted a grey Heron in St Peter’s Valley too. Our little cortege of fine cars drew lots of admiring glances from the cows looking for a distraction from their grazing, oh and from the few humans we encountered too.

IMG_1272The arrival line

We passed trinity and quickly found ourselves careening thought St Martin at a speedy 25 mph to finally reach the car park of the garden centre, unfortunately, not enough spaces to park together so Titinne & Celeste decided to have a private chat about their new outfits and left the riff raff park together opposite them.

All drivers and passengers quickly piled in the cafe to find the big table reserved for them and ordered hot drinks, and breakfast. A lot of stories being exchange, and good natured banter could be heard. Not too sure what the staff was making of us lot though.

It was nice to see Gary and Annie again now that Cassis is back on the road, we were very glad that Phil had been able to join us as well as he was unwell last month. Of course our missing members were mentioned, and we hope to see them on the 1st May for our next outing.

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  1. We enjoyed the run as usual and Celeste thought Titinne’s ensemble was nearly as good as hers! 😉 Looking forward to next month.

    • Ha ha, always nice to see everyone and I won’t let Titinne know that Celeste is right or she’ll decide to sulk and stall every five minutes 🙂

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