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April’s club run

2cv panorama

Picture Debbie Brown

Well I’m sure most of the people who attended the meeting today spent some of their Saturday, washing and polishing their pride and joy 🙂  🙂  🙂  The reason behind it is that Sean had organised for a reporter & photographer of the Jersey Rural magazine to join the convoy and do a little article on our club for their June issue.

All members were pre-warned about the lovely reporter, and we had a good turn out of about 9 cars for the convoy and 10 for the final refreshments as our Chairman joined us at the end for a coffee with his burgundy Charleston.

We started off at a very breezy St Catherine, and we all tried very hard parking next to each other, with Phil turning out to be a very good parking attendant in his retirement age, I can’t help wondering if he was an honorary police officer in his past life? Anyway, spot the odd one out on the picture below !!!

Picture Murielle Nicolas

Titinne was very keen and the first one to arrive, followed by Phil & his grandchildren, Jo, Scarlett, with Helen & Debbie, Celeste with Jo & Mark, Cassis with Annie & Gary, Clive & Liza in Gladys, their green & white Dolly, Lyndon & Dina Pallot in a lovely white 2cv, Lynn & Steven Austin-Vautier and Camille, carrying Sean and Cathy the reporter of Rural Magazine.

Picture Debbie Brown

A route was set to take us to Les Fontaines pub were we would meet up with the magazine photographer, Gary Grimshaw. Sean kindly agreed to avoid any steep hill that would require a hill start as my short legs and arms makes this a difficult juggling act in Titinne…. so he took off and I followed, then all the convoy snaked up behind me.

Sean forgot that a convoy is slower than a single car and took off like a whippet running after the rabbit – vroom vroom he was gone, at first I followed his example, but as the other convoy members disappeared off my rear mirror, I lifted my foot from the pedal and cruised along until they caught up. Good job I had the sense to ask James to switch allegiance and ditch his ‘pop’ to jump in Titinne (everyone knows I get lost in a pocket hanky, so to let me loose on the north coast might be a bit daring) as Sean soon disappeared from you. James took over with the co-piloting and told me where to turn… We soon caught up with Sean who was patiently waiting for us to arrive by the side of the road.

Picture Debbie Brown

Movie – Debbie Brown

We all arrived at Les Fontaines pub and parked beautifully in front of the pub (feature picture, taken by Debbie Allen). As the Motor Cross was on, we were unable to loop around Sorel as planned, so we left the pub to head towards Rue de la Butte as the request of the photographer who hitched a lift in Scarlet. We had a first run following Sean, but as Camille is a bit taller than the other cars, it was difficult for the photographer to get a picture of all the cars snaking by. So off we went for round 2, led by Celeste and after our cars had stopped preening themselves in front of the camera, we headed back to La Fontaine Pub. Where Debbie took the video (on left) of our cars looking like they are on speed 🙂


Picture Murielle Nicolas

A few of us were interviewed and had more pictures taken, whilst the others went to grab a table and order refreshments. And it wasn’t long before the usual banter started around the table.

A lovely interlude with other 2cv fanatics…. our club is growing from strength to strength.

Until next time.



December Club Run (4th December 2016)


Wow, hard to believe that a year ag2cvso we were doing our first club run from St Catherine to the Watersplash, dressed up in our Christmas finery and cars glittered up to the headlamps….

Last year, Gary gave us girls a treat when managed to split his Santa’s trousers 😜 but no such luck this year as he was dressed a little more conservatively.

The Costumes

Like last year, we were lucky to have 3 Santas behind the wheels of our classic mean machines, (Gary, Eddie & Phil) but the best look alike had to go to Phil again this year (well he had brought the grand children with him as props, and sweets ….). There were a few gorgeous Christmas jumpers (Jo, Helen, Annie & Peter) and a very well wrapped up Mrs Santa (me) who came without Titinne (who cried out sick and was in the workshop)

The ride

EddieAs my Titinne is temporarily off the road, Eddie kindly picked me up in Noddy (my first trip in a Mehari),  it was 1 degree celsius that morning, so I made sure I was well wrapped up, fleece line tights with stripy red & white socks over them, my red skirt, red jumper, overcoat, red beret (I’m French after all and I couldn’t find the Christmas hat) and snood over the top… Oh and the necktube/face cover I wear on the motorbike and cosy gloves. I was not taking any chances.



Eddie kindly put the heating on….. really? there is a heater in Noddy? Or was he just taking the Micky? I didn’t feel any heat at all as the wind was buffeting us from the sides (Noddy as a roof, and that’s it). We made good time from St Brelade to the meeting point at St Catherine, by this stage, I rushed into the cafe and ordered hot chocolates for both of us trying to bring circulation back in my fingers… We must have looked like frozen Mr & Mrs Santa when we walked in as people stared at us for a while.

road blockSoon the other nutters,  I mean, the hard core club members out in all weather and up for dressing up, arrived and the banter started. It was soon time for us to regain our little ice box on wheel and form the tail end of the convoy. Phil took the lead in it’s beautifully decorated white 2cv, followed by Celeste, Cassis and Scarlet with Noddy bringing the rear as it had a little cough and insisted in dying off instead of staying in idle mode at stops… The route was very scenic, not too many hill starts, but lovely narrow lanes with walkers and horse riders waving at our little Christmas convoy. Until we came to a good 8 minutes stop, our leader had come head to head with a BIG Mercedes on one of the very narrow lane, eventually, the posh car relented and reversed a bit, came forward a bit, reversed a bit…. couldn’t make its mind up, it was like the cars were dancing with each other…. Eventually all of us squeezed by the big car without problem, however both driver and passenger did not look very happy, was that because I had my hand sticking out of the side holding the camera and taking pictures?

Crabbe hillAs we were going past the riffle range at Crabbe, a few guns shots were heard, which according to Gary, made Annie jump out of her skin and nearly falling out of Cassis…. Lucky for her she had her seat belt on 😳. Not sure if this scared Noddy too or if he wanted to make some noise but he started backfiring down the hill and then decided to cut out leaving us free wheeling all the way down (saving on petrol I guess).



group picture

Finally after an hour’s drive, we had reached our destination, the Watersplash, Eddie and I left everyone in the car park as we raced each other to the inside of the bar to see who could get to the heat first !!!! For some reason, he got served last, so whilst I was waiting for my hot chocolate to arrive, I was borrowing Mark’s coffee cup to get feeling back in my little fingers…. Boy it was a cold ride, I could have picked a sunny day to have my first Mehari ride, but I like to give myself a few challenges… A very enjoyable ride if  a  little cold for Mr & Mrs Santa, but at least, our car didn’t have any condensation on the windows….

Our Chairman, Peter joined us at the Watersplash, as well as Stuart and Penny who were unable to make the start. Always nice to catch up with our 2cv friends over a coffee for a few jokes and 2cv stories.

Next outing, New Years Day………



November club meeting

Not a bad turn out


Our first afternoon meeting was well attended, and  our Chairman arrived on time to lead the convoys to the West of the island.

CelesteOur meeting point, on this sunny Sunday afternoon was the Jardin de la Mer car park, in St Helier, and our straight line (well nearly), sticking to main roads, path took us to Jersey Pearl at the end of the 5 miles road for well deserved teas/ coffees, scones and cakes. I’ve even seen some hot chocolates being served to some of our group partial to sweet things. Parking there was a bit hickeldy-pickledy as we had to slot in between cars that were already there but we managed to squeeze ourselves in…

Nice to catch up with nearly everybody, we raised a cuppa to our absent friends that for various reasons couldn’t be with us today, well life happens after all !



I feel the need to give a special mention to Ricky who turned up with his blue 2cv for the 2nd time and Clive & Sylvia who brought back their 2cv, all nice and shiny after having been to the body shop following an argument with another car who had tried to climb on its back… The cheek ! Nice to see Phil and James back for a spin in their white 2 cv too. 😀



Having missed, the last meeting due to work commitment, I was pleased to be able to join the gang today, although, sadly, I had to attend without Titinne as she is still in the car hospital having major surgery. I’m sure she’ll have something to say on her blog about me going without her  when she gets back… But I wasn’t the only one ‘sans’ 2cv as Steven and Lynn had been unable to get theirs out of the garage as a pesky scaffolding post was in the way. They came though, so Kudos to them !!!

img_2976Next meeting on Sunday 4th December – meet 10:00 am at St Catherine breakwater (earlier if you want a drink) and leave 10:15 to go to the Splash for breakfast at 11:30. Our lead car, route plotter will be Phil Rondel, who kindly volunteered his services 😉

See you then


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