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October fest

It’s the first of the month

parked 2 cvs

Well after a very damp Saturday the sun came out for us for our October run.
Sean and Camille, Helen and Scarlett, Jo,  Mark and Celeste, Annie, Gary and their still very shiny Mehari, Eddie and his scooter (!) And finally but most welcome Clive, Liza and their now mended Gladis met at DVS and pottered out east along the coast road and round St Catherine’s.


Nowhere to park up so we continued up to Haie Fleurie. Yes up that very steep lane with a tight turn at the top. Thankfully we managed to get round the junction with no cars coming the other way. Murielle will be glad she missed that Hill start!
2cv outside St Martin ChurchContinuing on through the leafy lanes we arrived to the Royal at St Martin where we parked up in line poised for the pub to open.  The usual chit chat in the car park until the church bell signalled it was time for coffee. Usual banter over drinks then we slowly departed to various parishes to for fill our weekend duties.

Here’s to next month.


Write up and photos: Jo Thorpe

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