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November country drive – Highlands to Reg’s Garden

2 cvs from the backIt was a pretty chilly November morning but a fabulous 8 cars turned up at Highlands for the drive to Reg’s garden. Parking up in perfect order, Eddie with Noddy pulled up alongside Clive in his red and white 2CV and newcomer Pauline with her gorgeous little red and white 2CV that has lived in France for 12 years at her ‘maison secondaire’ where Pauline was the celebrated ‘dame anglaise avec une deux deuche’. Helen and Ben arrived in Scarlet to join the red and white line up and with them came new kid on the block – Jackie with the really rather splendid ‘Blanche’ who has recently arrived from Bingley in Yorkshire and yes, we are all a teeny bit jealous! (She even has a tow bar so watch this space!)


Clive and Sylvia changed the colour scheme when they arrived with their green and white Dolly and were closely followed in by Millie – driven by Allen today as Debbie was singing in Prague – as you do! (Huge congratulations to the Holmchase Choir for their two gold certificates at the international festival!) The AVs arrived looking splendid in Earl Grey and, after a quick chat to Murielle, who sadly couldn’t join us today, Eddie led the pack off on the drive.

So where did we go? I really have no idea – suffice to say that the route was superb, thank you Eddie. The criteria seems to have been to avoid main roads at all cost. Just traverse the island from east to west, only briefly crossing any main road encountered! We definitely set off down la Rue a la Dame to Grands Vaux reservoir, then uphill again eventually crossing Trinity main road. We also crossed Mont Cochon and St Lawrence main roads and dipped into Waterworks Valley (a favourite) but didn’t really drive along a main road until we came down behind the quarry at Granite Products and joined St Peter’s Valley.

It was a stunning drive, showcasing the country parishes and the cars were much enjoyed by walkers who smiled, waved and enjoyed watching us drive by. Reg was waiting to greet us at his gardens and as he welcomed us, Peter K joined us – fashionably late as always – and driving what? Yes, OK, it was a Citroen 🙄

Reg seemed delighted to welcome us back and wants to know when we are hosting our next camping weekend in Jersey! He provided teas, coffees and biscuits and had arranged a little indoor seating area for us. What an absolute star! General chatter ensued, including discussion of next year’s Breton meet which seems to be becoming quite a favourite. So tough for those of us who can’t make it – weddings should not be organised before prior consultation to the 2CV events!

Next event for us – dinner at the Goose on the Green. Tuesday 13 November – please let Murielle know if you would like to join.


Write up & pictures Helen Cornish.


Here is a short video of the cars leaving for the drive

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  1. Sorry to have missed out.
    Can’t wait for my new knee and being able to drive!
    Celeste is in a full sulk under her cover ☹

  2. Annie Birbeck

    Good write up Helen. We are back on the rock just catching up on FB .
    Even more 2cv’s that’s great! See you at the Goose.

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