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Mayhem run – 1st May 2016

May mayhemApologies for the late summary of the club run but life got in the way and it took me the whole week before being able to get to the laptop and type it, so apologies for the briefness as the memory is starting to be a bit hazy….

The start

The day started well with sunshine out to play with us, a total of 9 cars came to the party. Camille was there first and Sean had brought a friend with him and the lovely Jack (friend of the 4 legged kind). Titinne came second, with Murielle and Murielle’s parents who were on holiday and came along for the ride. The rest of the pack arrived shortly after, Celeste with Jo & Mark, Noddy & Eddie, Cassis with Annie & Gary, The grey Charleston with Lynne, Steven & grandson , Emmy with Peter (the lovely Lynne was otherwise engaged) and last but not lease a white & green Dolly with Clive and his granddaughter.  All congregated in the car park outside St Clement Parish hall, and, as there was no watering hole open nearby, we managed to set off on time at 10:15.

The ride

We all snaked along the coast road, past the beaches and up Month Bingham, following our day’s leader Sean. Sean kindly stopped outside the fishermen’s hut of the old harbour to make sure everyone was there by doing a quick count of cars. Reassured that his flock was following he headed towards the West once more and led us through the avenue, though St Aubin at a snail pace and through to the Poplars tea room via Red Houses. We seemed to pick up our Chairman in the way in an old Fiat (odd one out in the picture) by the hamburger bar at Bel Royal….  Need to set up your alarm clock Peter 🙂 !!!!

The arrival

We quickly parked our vehicles and started to sit down in the lovely garden of the Poplars, unfortunately, they have a no dog allowed in the garden and Sean & his friends had to leave, I will ensure to check such policies in future as a few of our members have 4 legged companions. This put a bit of the dampener on the atmosphere but we soon settled down in front of coffees, yummy cakes and pastries or bacon sandwiches before heading in all directions for another month.

Next month

It’s the festival of motoring so please contact Eddie who is taking charge of our unruly bunch of miscreants for the June gathering ….

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