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March 2017 meeting

The weather had decided to be awkward today, extremely strong winds and squally showers.  A few hardy 2cvs (Stacey’s, Phil’s & Peter’s ) as well as our 2 star meharis (Eddie’s & Gary’s) were joined on the Jardin de la mer car park meeting point my myself, Helen & Jo in our more modern cars and Sean on his superb mortobike.

As we all congregated in the car park, the original plan of a convoy was quickly dismissed as the appeal of a hot drink and long chat in the Castle Quay chart room was too strong to resist. We invaded Cooper’s coffee shop ‘en masse’ and i’m sure the guy behind the till was happy to have our money in his till….

We soon huddled on chairs around the tables of Castle Quay and the chatter started from all directions, members, being glad to catch up and new faces getting to know the group.

A few club matters were discussed and decisions made (these will be communicated via email to members) and then the chatter went back to what we love to talk about, our cars, where to get the best paint work (Spencer’s body shot in Hansford lane), best mechanic (Chris at Chevron), who was going to the June meeting in Brittany, or to the Corsaire run in St Malo in September…. The usual chit chat then.

I hadn’t been able to make a meeting since December and I was glad to meet most of the gang as some of our other members were off gallivanting elsewhere or too busy to join us.

Until April everyone, drive safely and see you then


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