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Mayhem run – 1st May 2016

May mayhemApologies for the late summary of the club run but life got in the way and it took me the whole week before being able to get to the laptop and type it, so apologies for the briefness as the memory is starting to be a bit hazy….

The start

The day started well with sunshine out to play with us, a total of 9 cars came to the party. Camille was there first and Sean had brought a friend with him and the lovely Jack (friend of the 4 legged kind). Titinne came second, with Murielle and Murielle’s parents who were on holiday and came along for the ride. The rest of the pack arrived shortly after, Celeste with Jo & Mark, Noddy & Eddie, Cassis with Annie & Gary, The grey Charleston with Lynne, Steven & grandson , Emmy with Peter (the lovely Lynne was otherwise engaged) and last but not lease a white & green Dolly with Clive and his granddaughter.  All congregated in the car park outside St Clement Parish hall, and, as there was no watering hole open nearby, we managed to set off on time at 10:15.

The ride

We all snaked along the coast road, past the beaches and up Month Bingham, following our day’s leader Sean. Sean kindly stopped outside the fishermen’s hut of the old harbour to make sure everyone was there by doing a quick count of cars. Reassured that his flock was following he headed towards the West once more and led us through the avenue, though St Aubin at a snail pace and through to the Poplars tea room via Red Houses. We seemed to pick up our Chairman in the way in an old Fiat (odd one out in the picture) by the hamburger bar at Bel Royal….  Need to set up your alarm clock Peter 🙂 !!!!

The arrival

We quickly parked our vehicles and started to sit down in the lovely garden of the Poplars, unfortunately, they have a no dog allowed in the garden and Sean & his friends had to leave, I will ensure to check such policies in future as a few of our members have 4 legged companions. This put a bit of the dampener on the atmosphere but we soon settled down in front of coffees, yummy cakes and pastries or bacon sandwiches before heading in all directions for another month.

Next month

It’s the festival of motoring so please contact Eddie who is taking charge of our unruly bunch of miscreants for the June gathering ….

The spring run – Sunday 3rd April

A grey start of the day

back of 2cvThe day didn’t look too promising as the sky was very very grey that morning, and it had been raining around 9am. The meeting point was the car park of the aviator cafe by the Aeroclub. The first ones to report on the car park and sample the teas of the cafe were Phil Rondel and his grandson James with their gleaming white 2cv.

A bit of cleaning

IMG_0696Titinne and Murielle were a close second, soon to be joined by a newcomer to the runs, John who had brought his Mehari out in the cold(ish) weather; number 4 was Sean driving Camille. Emmy carrying Peter and Lynne, Jo & Mark with their grey Charleston Celeste, Anne and Gary with Cassis. The wooden spoon of arrival went to Scarlett, driven by Helen.

In her defense, Helen had taken Scarlet out from her cosy garage on Friday and taken her with her whilst enjoying the delight of the Corbiere Radio station so she could attend the meeting. We were all please to see them but couldn’t help giving them a bit of ribbing as Scarlett had been a dirty stop out, Helen quickly got a duster out to give her a quick dust around whilst moaning about the seagull poop that been dotted on the roof….


IMG_1273Spring is in the air.

The theme of the run was spring time and participants had been ask to decorate their vehicles, only Titinne and Celeste had made the effort to put on their finery. After a cold wait for any potential stragglers, Murielle picked Emmy as the convoy lead to take the group to the east of the Island where a table had been booked at Ransom Garden Centre for refreshments.


Peter did take us through some roads I didn’t know existed, we had a lovely drive through the green lanes, pushing 15 mph. going up and down the daffodils speckled green fields, very pleasant indeed !  I think I spotted a grey Heron in St Peter’s Valley too. Our little cortege of fine cars drew lots of admiring glances from the cows looking for a distraction from their grazing, oh and from the few humans we encountered too.

IMG_1272The arrival line

We passed trinity and quickly found ourselves careening thought St Martin at a speedy 25 mph to finally reach the car park of the garden centre, unfortunately, not enough spaces to park together so Titinne & Celeste decided to have a private chat about their new outfits and left the riff raff park together opposite them.

All drivers and passengers quickly piled in the cafe to find the big table reserved for them and ordered hot drinks, and breakfast. A lot of stories being exchange, and good natured banter could be heard. Not too sure what the staff was making of us lot though.

It was nice to see Gary and Annie again now that Cassis is back on the road, we were very glad that Phil had been able to join us as well as he was unwell last month. Of course our missing members were mentioned, and we hope to see them on the 1st May for our next outing.

6th March Meeting – Mother’s day

20160306_103303Well just a small gathering of four met at Albert pier on what started out to be a sunny drive. The sun soon disappeared and the hail came down.
Emmy carrying Stuart, Penny and the two basset hounds, Celeste with Jo and Mark, Camille with Sean (who infringed on the Mini meet up the other end of the pier before joining us!) and Clive and Liza in Gladys set off as the clouds dissipated along the avenue in a small but select convoy.

Turning inland the tin snails meandered up through St Peter’s Valley flanked by daffodils with even a beautiful grey heron fishing in the stream for his breakfast. Up to St Mary’s and left at the ’roundabout’ we continued through to St Ouen’s village down Hydrangea Avenue, cruised down the hill to arrive at a VERY busy Jersey Pearl. Obviously a lot of mothers being spoilt with a breakfast treat. We managed to nab a corner and enjoyed a coffee and a catch up.

peterPeter then joined us….. in his Fiat 500 which he had the cheek to park next to our beautiful Citroen cars 🙂

Here’s looking forward to seeing those that for various reasons couldn’t make it today at our next meet and handing back the reins to Murielle to organise (can’t cope with this level of responsibility!).


7th February club run

A run not for the faint hearted….

Well what can I say? With a weather warning in place for the islands and winds battering our coasts, we dared go ahead with our monthly club run.

La Rocco towerOur meeting place was the car park at Le Braye, I arrived in Titinne, blown in by the rain and gales and narrowly missing a couple of runners who had decided to stop bang in the middle of the road… Strange place if you ask me! Quickly spotted Penny and Stuart in their green peril, and Celeste who had been abandoned there by Jo and Mark who were treating themselves to a bit of breakkie in the cafe.

I was shortly followed by Phil Rondel who came with his grand children, Eddie in Noddy who appeared to be relatively frozen and in serious need of a wet suit… whilst they grabbed themselves a hot drink to take away, I took a walk to the slipway for  and got my face sandblasted to take a sneaky shot at the Rocco tower then returned tothe car park and waited for stragglers. Said hello to a new green and white dolly owned by Polly and Paul, who unfortunately couldn’t join in the convoy today but wanted to meet some club members. And, just as everyone was getting ready to go, Scarlett arrived, carrying Helen and Ben, who kindly agreed to lead the convoy.

So off we went, as we were slowly but surely climbing up the hill to reach St Peter, who do see going downhill? a beautiful black and burgundy Charleston, but hang on, this is our chairman’s car. Peter, dashing to reach the meeting place (late) to participate in our antics.  After a quick U-turn and race up the hill, he managed to catch up with us. We then meandered through the country lanes of St Peter, St Mary, St John, Trinity and St Martin, clogging the narrow roads with our tin snails. Helen took us through a lovely trail and I discovered places i’d never been before. Pushed by the wind, I think we reached a top speed of may be 30mph downhill!

2cvs at DurrellFinal destination – Cafe firefly

We arrived at destination and parked safely in a huddle, Titinne and Scarlet next to each other so they could discuss having their picture sent to the 2cvGB magazine…  As the showers had passed, it gave us an opportunity to congregate around the cars for a quick chat.

DSC00139Peter seemed to disappear in the boot of the green 2cv at one stage and that gave me the giggles… well enough of standing around and getting cold feet, we finally queued in the cafe for our hot beverages for what seemed like ages, we congregated to the end area where we could all stand and chat together; arrange the next run and discuss who is going to the national and who is not.

Little MuleAnd finally …

A few of our members coudn’t join in today for a lot of different reasons (away, weather, car in the workshop or in bits) but I was tickled to find an email from Chris in my inbox when I came back, assuring me that yes he did have a car but was still waiting for some parts to arrive… See you on the road at the next run then Chris 🙂




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1st November meeting

Glorious sunshine…

… is what greeted us today for the 2nd meeting of the 2cv club de Jersey, and this glorious sunshine meant that we were able to sit outside at the end of our drive at the Portelet Inn to drink our coffees.

2cvs in a rowBut lets start at the beginning, meeting time was 10H30 Jardin de la Mer public car park, and me being me, Titinne and I arrived at 10, just in case some other early birds would be there. And good job too as I was greeted by 2 lovely people who had seen the article in the Jersey Evening Post who had indicated the meeting at 10… may be a typo? Or perhaps a communication error on our part…

Shortly after Sean arrived in his lovely sparkling van, closely followed by Jo & Mark with Celeste, freshly arrived from the UK as she had arrived on the boat last night ! Celeste will soon get her Jersey plate and I have the feeling she will become a regular at our meetings. 2 grey & black 2cvs

One by One, the cars trickled in, and Steven and Lynne parked theirs next to celeste as they were of matching colours… Then Catherine arrived in lovely blue car and Ron with his green and white Dolly. Contingent complete for the day!

Then Noddy brought Eddie to the party, Helen arrived driving Scarlet who had a full load, carrying her friend Debbie, Ben and our club mascot Minnie the dog.

Being a friendly bunch, we also welcomed Helier and his Renault, to be honest when I first saw the car I thought it was a funny looking mehari, so it’s an honorary Citroen in my eyes … Of course, he had to get a bit of ribbing for bringing a Renault, but all in good form of course and I hope he will carry on coming out with us.

2cvs in a rowI am sure that whilst we are all extremely proud of our cars, everybody will agree that the star of the show today was Annie and Gary’s Mehari, just arrived back last month from a full renovation in France. it was very shiny, very clean and extremely impressive (it’s at the end of the row)….

A few new faces today with 3 new cars turning up and others unable to make it, we still kept a total of a 10 cars convoy crawling along the avenue… this was my fault being at the front, I started at my usual speedy rate and heard Sean hooting so I thought he was telling me to slow down. I thought that perhaps someone had been stuck at the lights or something and sedately drove at 25 mph all the way to Portelet !!! Doh !!! must have infuriated other road users, so my apologies to them.

We received a warm welcome at the Portelet and sat outside in the sunshine to enjoy our coffees (after wiping the wet seats) and swap a few funny 2 cv stories …

Thank you all who attended and if I haven’t mentioned you by name it’s because old age is setting in and my memory is running away ….

2cvs in Portelet car park