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September 2020 – St John

2 cvsThe day started with some very uncertain weather on the west of the Island, the downpour of rain that hit St Brelade at 9 am didn’t make it as far as town or St Clement. So the Eastern crew of the club thought the Western crew was turning into snowflakes for not wanting to get their beloved cars wet… Hedley Le Maistre (the real one) kept his car dried and did not join the group today.

A few more club members missing as they were enjoying an enforced “lie-in” due to enforced quarantine after coming back from Greek holidays. And of course, Leonard (Lynne’s dad) who came for the drive and coffee.

I will start with a warm welcome to Trevor and Liz, who have recently become proud parents of a red and white dolly (competition for Titinne).

The group met in the car park of St John’s school, behind St John’s Parish Hall and the drive was led by Phil and his white 2cv. We managed to keep together on the quiet lanes of St John and singled file paraded on the green lines at 15 miles/hour, waving at good-natured pedestrians and playing dodge them with the horse droppings!

Up and down we went (I don’t remember the names of the lanes) to finally arrive at the shooting range for our final descent towards Greve de Lecque for refreshment.

2cv being pushed

Photo courtesy of Liz Keeler

This is where, in true 2cv de jersey club that one of our divas decided to have a tantrum, and in the last tight bend, Earl Grey, Lynne and Steven’s car, decided enough was enough and stalled; refusing to restart. The chaps went to the rescue and got her out of her tight spot, forcing her to join the others for coffee…

Nice to the gang again after my long absence from the club.




14th July Parade


Photo credit: Alain Aoutin

The French festival has returned to Jersey, and as part of the celebration of all things French and wonderful, the 2cvs were asked if they wanted to parade.

Of course, we could not refuse this kind offer of showing off our pride and joys. And whilst only 5 cars had confirmed that they would be there before hand, 10 cars turned up at the starting blocks… Well done all that came to help make the parade special.

Our starting point was the Elizabeth harbour, and when Titinne and I arrived after having hit traffic jam on our way from St Brelade and trying all the rat runs we knew, everyone was already there. Except for Chris  and Buzz who had stopped to pick up Clive as his car is sick and waiting to get seen by the Chevron team.

Titinne picked up a couple of passengers, proudly flying the tricolore out of her roof and tailed the parade, hooting as much and as loud as she could to all those lovely people waving at her….

St Aubin

parking fine

photo credit: Alain Aoutin

We arrived in St Aubin, and a lovely honorary policeman helped us parked in the reserved area, it was a bit of a tight squeeze but we all made it. The we let our cars show themselves off, as they were a bit of a crowd puller. And we went for a cuppa and a piece of cake inside.

We then came back out for a few photos before heading home, to find out Mr Honorary had give Buzz a fashion accessory not found in a Citroen garage!

A great representation from the club to celebrate our 14 of July commemoration, thank you to all club members !!!

Also, our thanks to the Constable of St Brelade, Mr Jackson, who allowed us to park in front of the Parish Hall for the Occasion, and to the organisers of the French festival, for inviting us to participate.

Pictures: Alain Aoutin

July 2019 run

A Growing Club

I have been missing a few club runs because of work, and I am amazed to say that that every time I go to a club run, new cars and owners also show up. This month, we welcomed Jason and his acadiane Diva and Alan and Martine in their red and white 2 cv. 2 very smart new cars to join us…

The ride

We met in the town car park, and cruised the Esplanade (where Millie, very proudly overtook a Ferrary – yes you head right, a 2cv burnt a Ferrari!),  all the way to St Aubin and (please remind me not to swear at fast Eddie when I next see him), climbed ghost hill. Titinne did very well sticking to 2nd gear all the way up whilst I was slightly swearing at the car in front to go faster because I didn’t want to stall her, nor did I want to have to stop and put it on first gear as the hill start would have been epic.

Poor Sean who was “sans voiture” as he was only making a quick appearance from France was riding shotgun with me and had to listen to my colourful language….

The watering hole

The ultimate drinking hole for our ride was supposed to be The Braye, however, as the sun was beaming down on us, the car park was choker. So we stopped on the lay by bar park of St Ouen bay and walked to The look out cafe for our drinks…

Until the next time folks!

Sunday May 5th met at Les Fontaines car park.

The write up

Phew I couldn’t hear the car start that morning , then I saw Gary underneath Cassis oh dear, it was an airlock in the petrol pump. Hooray I heard that famous Singer sewing machine sound
Yep we were going to join our chums, what a lovely day for a drive.
Pauline was at les Fontaines with her little dog, Phil, Jacki, then Emma ,Helen’s friend joined us. Poor Helen had a boat to launch with Ben so was joining us at Le Hocq.
Eddie arrived with his lovely blue van only got it back on the Wednesday looking good.
Millie arrived with Allen and his friend Tom who is a tall person. He squeezed out of the back of the car and said it was like being in economy class.
Well Phil took the lead through Rue de Fremont then to Bonne Nuit. Then Rue des platons in Trinity, Rue de Boulay
Victoria Village, rue de Ponterrin my some of these were so narrow I kept thinking please let it be one way!!! No
they weren’t. .

A huge 4×4 had to drive up on the bank on it’s side to let us through, shame I’d just put my phone away would’ve been worth a photo.
We past La Hougue Bie it was very busy. So glad as Jo had made 40 Jersey wonders for the Jerriais festival!
Ended up in so many little lanes with sharp turnings, Fauvic then Rue des sablons along the beautiful coast road to Le Hocq. Wow so many parishes
We spotted Spencer’s lovely Gina in the car park all sides down, I feel the cold too much and that wind was bitter. In the summer we will do the same.

Clive Pearce came and said hello he had other commitments but it was nice to see him. Jo and Mark were guarding the petanque pitch. It was freezing up top
that bitter wind. We all trundled onto the beach under the wall, thank heavens it was warmer. Eddie left us to do his training for his Birmingham 100 miles challenge on his bike.
Phil had to go too.How we all missed you both.

Peter Style and his family made it down for the beach picnic as well.
Helen joined us, all the picnic tables and chairs were out, baguettes pate, crab,strawberries, prosecco the lot came out, oh and the ‘very posh table cloths ‘we were given by Lynne and Steve.

Murielle Chris and her friend from La Rochelle joined us she’d just finished work. More baguettes came out.
After we’d eaten we went up top to play boules.
It’s over 25 years since I played, crikey those boules are so heavy! My hands were so cold after the 2nd game ,I went back on the beach to warm up, , whilst Gary was learning French and Spanish on his phone.
It was peaceful on the beach we said goodbye to Murielle then when we got off the beach everyone had gone.
We went inside the tower as it was open that day.
Thanks Phil for parts of Jersey I’m sure I’ve never seen

Pauline is selling her car she has problems with her shoulder, so sharp bends etc are a hazard. Such a shame for her.


The Route

Leave car park opposite les  Fontain Tavern st John, Head east on north Marine drive   (la route de nord) to rue  Es nones , then turn south on rue de Fremont ,to first left  junction  then along to les cherrierers de Bonne Nuit until one reaches La rue des Barreques, then  at top of hill turn left/east  along la rue de la Mare des Pres, then across the boarder into Trinity on La rue des Platons until junction of Le vielle Charriere toward Bouley Bay until you join  les Charriere du Boulay then head south until you meet les Vielle Charrieres  climb to top of hill across junction to La Rue de Boulay then ,cross the main road to la rue du Carrefour,the  to la Verte rue along to Rue des Cateaux to rue de la Fosse and Victoria Village then along rue de la. Boucterene to Junction turn left , into Le re-de  Ponterrin  continues through lane to la Gerard route de St Martin head towards and past  la Hougue Bie  along main road until you get to La Rue du Carrefour Au Clercq, then along that lane until you join rue Le Catillon, which runs into La rue de Grouville ,then at yellow line , keep heading a short distance east on rue a Don, to  le rue des Fonds , then into La rue Du Parcq, then into la rue de la Marairs a la Cocque then at Fauvic turn right along Grand rout des Sablons , along coast to la Hocq.
Hope this is of help, it one of many routes I use when crossing the island, it’s far more interesting than being stuck behind heavy traffic on-our main roads.

Note I may not have all the correct names/spelling etc  of the lanes/roads  we took .

But it’s a great therapy using the lanes so great to see the real Jersey, and our country side  not just the built up arrears going from A to B.

Good luck making sense of this lot.


April’s drive

Cafe Ouen car park

A sunny day dawned after the wind and rain of the preceding week, and this encouraged a good turn-out for the April meet. We all gathered at Highlands College car park, apart from Peter (I’m running late) Kinley whom we picked up later en route. Clive produced and impressed with his mini-me electric 2CV which strutted its stuff around the rarely empty car-park.

2cv trail


A reluctant Fast Eddie took the lead – persuaded by the rest of the group as he always chooses a good road – in Noddy. The cars with their palette of multi colours made a great picture as we winded through the lanes of St Saviour, via Bon Air Lane, St Saviour’s Hill, La Rue de la Deloraine, La Rue a la Dame and onwards up to Trinity Arms. This was when it turned into a bit of a Scavenger Hunt ‘a la Anneka Rice’.



Jac and DT were in Blanche, and Blanche decided she fancied a quick half in the pub and refused to move off from the yellow line. There was a distinct ‘air de petrol’ so along came the fleet Dr Chris in Buzzy Bee to see what was afoot. It was time for a push to the side and bonnet up. Oh dear Blanche, this is so unlike you! Meanwhile, Fast Eddie had turned back to try to find the trailing 7 cars but couldn’t remember the route he had taken so he returned to his group & they carried on without us. Clive took on the lead for group two, leaving Blanche and Buzzy Bee to have a chat on the roadside.

This is when a team walkie-talkie would have come into its own. Helen in Scarlet had decided to throw her mobile in the washing machine that morning, so she was out of contact, and therefore Allen with the Stig’s neck in Millie called Ben in Scarlet to trace the pack. Ben actually answered his phone!

Meanwhile Chris had knocked up Blanche’s carburetor and they were back on the road, and a message came through from Peter Kinley that he had managed to get to the La Fontaine car park to meet up with us all. Frantic calls from Millie to Blanche and Scarlet resulted in a chosen rendez-vous at La Fontaine.

When Clive’s group arrived there, Clive and Cassis cruised on through towards Sorel, oblivious to the arrangement behind, so Millie and Titinne swung right into the carpark and rendez-voued  with Peter. Within no time Fast Eddie was flying along La Route du Nord and Millie, Titinne and Peter managed to slot into the group and re-join the drive.

tight turn


The nine of us had a lovely meander through St John and St Mary and down the steep track to Greve de L’Ecq past the firing range. Rick’s blue Cecile (soon to have a name sticker on the bonnet flap) looked stunning in the sunshine, and was obviously enjoying a rare expedition.


We had our final stop at Café Ouen and sat in a large group outside in the sunshine, trying to decide whether it was a hot chocolate or a cold beer stop.

A great drive and a brilliant turn-out – even though we went our separate ways for most of it!


Author: Debbie Podger-Brown

Photos: Peter Kinley

group picture

March 2019 meeting

What a turn out on a less than desirable day!

Jersey 2cv club

Eddie and Clouseau, Helen, Ben, Millie and Scarlett, Jo, Mark and Celeste, Lyndon and Dinah in their white 2cv, Spencer, off spring and their lovely orange mehari, Peter (yes Peter before lunch!), Debbie and Millie and Other Peter and off spring in his GSA.

Clive and Liza went one better by bringing TWO Gladys’ or is that Gladi? With them. A fab little remote control version of the real thing went whizzing round the car park.

We welcomed newbies Steve, Claire and Hannah in Pixie a red 2cv and………even Little mule showed her face with Chris and child.

Of course a special mention to Lady Penelope and Parker (the AVs) in their Merc as their 2cv has now been valued at £12k so cannot possibly be driven when there is the slightest hint of rain!

Due to impending Sunday lunch rush at the Portelet and the fact we had stood in the freezing cold chatting for so long in the car park, not to mention the back lanes to the pub would have involved hair pin turns and very steep hill starts we took the direct route and piled into the pub to enjoy chat, coffee and hot chocolates. It was lovely to see Sandra, twice in one week…..you’ll be getting in a car soon!

Of course we missed those that couldn’t make it today and look forward to catching up next month for more fun and games.

A special thanks to Eddie for organising the Raclette evening on Friday. Very enjoyable and only very slightly woolly on Saturday morning. (I think the cheese may have been off!!!) As there were a few that couldn’t make it I suppose we will just have to do another one!

Happy 2CV’ing, see you next month.

Author: Jo Thorpe

2cv group



Sunday 03 February 2019

With Jersey Met forecasting a rainy afternoon, Clive announced early on that he was bailing out and staying dry. Others dithered and there was even some suggestion of changing it to a morning drive but it was decided that it was too late to do that. However, Windguru did say no rain until the evening so several decided to go for it!

There was one lonely little Mehari parked in the Highlands car park at 1pm (with Gary and Annie convinced they had the wrong time or wrong venue!) but they were soon joined by Scarlet, Celeste, Blanche, Millie, the AVs and Lyndon and Dinah in their own Blanche! Millie (the dog, not the car) did the meeting and greeting and Eddie came flying in 15 minutes late, convinced he was 15 minutes early for a 1.30 drive !! He is clearly going in to competition with Peter – who wasn’t late today because he couldn’t make it!

Sun shining and not a rain cloud in sight, we decided to ‘go east’ and have a second attempt at the St Martin’s Tearoom. Scarlet was nominated as leader, a responsible role with a fear of going the wrong way always at the back of the leader’s mind – OK to get lost by yourself, but not acceptable with 7 other cars following!

Scarlet lead up to Five Oaks and then down La Rue a la Dame to Grands Vaux reservoir and up through the tiny lanes that climb back up to Trinity. A skirt past Jardin d’Ollivet and on down towards Rozel hanging a left up towards White Rock. This little lane brings you down into Rozel with views down over the cotils and, today, straight across to a beautifully clear French coastline.

Up out of Rozel and down through Le Villot with beautiful (and still sunny!) views across St Catherine’s and then it was back up the hill to St Martin. The drive was described as ‘non-eventful’ – which I think was complimentary but probably better described by Debbie as ‘strees’free’ !! We did indeed have no traffic jams, no challenging ‘test your reversing skills’, no horses, and no super steep hill starts, (so loved by a few of our drivers!!) so it really was a proper, relaxing ‘Sunday afternoon drive’ 😍

The cafe delivered all the goodies that should go with a ‘Sunday afternoon drive’, including teas, coffees, hot chocolates (the low calorie versions with cream and marshmallows), pastries and scones with jam and cream for the AVs. A lovely February afternoon 😍



Photo creds: Debbie in Millie and Ben in Scarlet

Author: Helen

Terror and Table cloths!

The plan

2cvs in car parkWe thought we would cruise gently into the new year with a leisurely little pootle through the lanes to welcome in 2019 as we mean to go on.
It was a relaxed 10.30 meeting time at the oh so attractive Waterfront Car park. The weather was dry and the spirits were high as we all congregated and met old and new friends. Old friends know who they all are (if they can remember, that is!), and new friends were met with hearty handshakes and nods of approval to the new Citroens in the clan. Annie & Gary found a Frenchman to befriend and Jason was there with his trusty old Citroen which Chevron will soon be knocking into shape, and this is before he brings his Dyane to the Island. He is a long-time fan of 2CVs, having owned 2 Charlestons many years ago, so full of knowledge to be tapped, I am sure, especially that on performing the perfect hill start.

New kid on the block

We thought we were seeing double when the new Dolly on the block arrived. A beautiful green & white belonging to Sandra & Paul, delighting the crowds & stunning Clive & Sylvia as even her striped seats were identical to theirs. Hopefully Sandra will soon be back at the wheel following her baptism of fire to the Fast-Eddie vertical route……more of that to follow.

A flying visit

Jo came flying in with Celeste, cursing the plague of traffic lights between town & Gorey, but it was great that she was able to say “hi” & “bye” before doing the airport run.

The drive

2cv driveSo 10 of us trundled off towards the west (much to Clive P’s delight as he had to do East last week!), re-grouping on the road through the very beautiful Waterworks Valley, lulling us into a false sense of security whilst admiring the geese and toads.

Fast-Eddie led us through some little-used country lanes, managing to avoid the joggers and cyclists en route. Somehow we ended-up at the eastern end of the runway as we came face-to-face with the landing lights – I was starting to think at that stage that we might be giving the Airbus A320s a burn up on the runway.

Fast Eddie strike again…

2cv cars going down the hillWe ended-up cruising past the the Porsches and down Le Mont Des Vignes (is Scarlet the only 2CV who can’t manage that hairpin at the bottom on one lock?), past Netherby Court and out onto the Coast Road towards St Aubin. This is when it started to go wrong in that some of us wanted to branch right and up St Aubin’s Hill, but Fast-Eddie had other ideas and veered left so off we went along the Bulwarks and up Ghost Hill……

Millie was starting to stress (reminiscing from last week’s hill start disaster), but she cruised up with no issues. Further back in the fleet the air was turning blue, so much so that Sandra failed to find first gear and calmly (not) removed herself from the car and announced she was walking home!! Fortunately Paul slid over to the driver’s seat, gave Sandra a valium & persuaded her back into the car & completed the hill climb.

2cv going uphill Blanche (carrying Jac’s 94 year old Mum who can’t quite believe how social we all are) was breathing-in towards the top of the hill to squeeze through the Sunday drivers going downhill, and we eventually all ended-up at Portelet Inn where we were met by Steve & Lynne.

Mr & Mr Claus paid us a visit….

Hot chocolates, coffees, teas and Brandy (medicinal purposes for some of the newbies) later, we all caught-up with Christmas and New Year exploits and thoughts of summer 2CV outings ahead. Santa’s little elves in the form of the Austin-Vautiers arrived with a sack full of lovingly packed gifts for us all. There were smiles all round and even Fast-Eddie was forgiven for turning left and not right.

Next drive out:

See you all again for our next drive on the 3rd Feb – 1pm at Highlands College.


Text and photo credits: Debbie Podger-Brown

December 2018 extra drive out

2cv outing

It was a grey day…

But the weather didn’t deter  those of us who were motivated enough to get out our pride and joys from under their covers and out of the garage to go for a drive.

6 of us made the start line (above) who was the car park at Green Island, on the South-East coast of Jersey. At 10:30 on a Sunday morning, only dog walkers were about so we had our pick of the parking spaces. At the line up, (from left to right) were: Millie, Titinne, Clive’s car (he has to give a name to his car sometimes…), Scarlett, Blanche and Celeste. Cassis was picked up somewhere on the way but I’m not too sure where…

The weather was, well…. Grey…. at least no rain, just a fine drizzle at time but not enough to get properly wet.


The ride…. 

It had been Debbie’s idea to meet up outside normal club meeting days, so we decided to let her lead the convoy and take us to her drinking hole of choice to get our coffees and for some bacon or sausage rolls… 

And what a ride it was, Debbie took us through the Eastern back lanes, a lot of greenery, extremely narrow lanes, where, hopefully, the only thing we encountered coming the other way were unwary dog walkers who kindly gave way to our magnificent vehicles… Thank you all, it was appreciated 😀.

The route took us places I’d never been before, with a few places where hill starts were needed at stops, but the most memorable one was when Debbie chose a very, very, very steep hill and decided, near the top, to stop her car and do a hill start so she could finish the climb in first gear… Well it would have been fine, if Millie’s hand brake hadn’t become jammed in the process. After a good 5 very long minutes (for me who was right behind her and thinking- Oh Hell, I hope she doesn’t roll back), the boys gallantly liberated the hand-brake and off she went, with us following up behind her like little ducks.

But remember what goes up, goes down and we also had the dubious pleasure of driving down an extremely steep hill, where, in second gear, I was nearly standing on the breaks thinking, is Millie stops completely, I’m sure I will be able to stop…..

Finally …

First we tried to stop at the st Martin team room by the cricket pitch, but sadly, they were closed, so we pushed on to St Catherine’s breakwater cafe, who was extremely busy. We managed to park the cars, and then we had to elbow our ways in the cafe, kindly tell rude people telling us to close the door that we would do so once all our group was inside. After order our beverages, we jumped on any tables becoming free as soon as we spotted them. This should be an Olympic sport!

It has been a lovely , if eventful drive, thank you Debbie, I can honestly say that I haven’t prayed and cursed on a drive as much before, we will talk about this one for a while to come yet 😀😀😀

November country drive – Highlands to Reg’s Garden

2 cvs from the backIt was a pretty chilly November morning but a fabulous 8 cars turned up at Highlands for the drive to Reg’s garden. Parking up in perfect order, Eddie with Noddy pulled up alongside Clive in his red and white 2CV and newcomer Pauline with her gorgeous little red and white 2CV that has lived in France for 12 years at her ‘maison secondaire’ where Pauline was the celebrated ‘dame anglaise avec une deux deuche’. Helen and Ben arrived in Scarlet to join the red and white line up and with them came new kid on the block – Jackie with the really rather splendid ‘Blanche’ who has recently arrived from Bingley in Yorkshire and yes, we are all a teeny bit jealous! (She even has a tow bar so watch this space!)


Clive and Sylvia changed the colour scheme when they arrived with their green and white Dolly and were closely followed in by Millie – driven by Allen today as Debbie was singing in Prague – as you do! (Huge congratulations to the Holmchase Choir for their two gold certificates at the international festival!) The AVs arrived looking splendid in Earl Grey and, after a quick chat to Murielle, who sadly couldn’t join us today, Eddie led the pack off on the drive.

So where did we go? I really have no idea – suffice to say that the route was superb, thank you Eddie. The criteria seems to have been to avoid main roads at all cost. Just traverse the island from east to west, only briefly crossing any main road encountered! We definitely set off down la Rue a la Dame to Grands Vaux reservoir, then uphill again eventually crossing Trinity main road. We also crossed Mont Cochon and St Lawrence main roads and dipped into Waterworks Valley (a favourite) but didn’t really drive along a main road until we came down behind the quarry at Granite Products and joined St Peter’s Valley.

It was a stunning drive, showcasing the country parishes and the cars were much enjoyed by walkers who smiled, waved and enjoyed watching us drive by. Reg was waiting to greet us at his gardens and as he welcomed us, Peter K joined us – fashionably late as always – and driving what? Yes, OK, it was a Citroen 🙄

Reg seemed delighted to welcome us back and wants to know when we are hosting our next camping weekend in Jersey! He provided teas, coffees and biscuits and had arranged a little indoor seating area for us. What an absolute star! General chatter ensued, including discussion of next year’s Breton meet which seems to be becoming quite a favourite. So tough for those of us who can’t make it – weddings should not be organised before prior consultation to the 2CV events!

Next event for us – dinner at the Goose on the Green. Tuesday 13 November – please let Murielle know if you would like to join.


Write up & pictures Helen Cornish.


Here is a short video of the cars leaving for the drive