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August 2017 meeting

First, sorry for the lateness of this article, life is busy at the moment and I only just found the time to sit down and ponder what words to put to the screen….

Our beautiful tin snails (and their owners) met last Sunday (6 August) in the Jardin de la mer car park in town. The end part of the car park had been cordoned off for the pedal kart races, watching them for a while was entertaining.

As usual we had less cars at the starting line than at the arrival point, me think we are going to have to make a deal with an alarm clock supplier 😜. Cassis, Celeste, Titinne, and their owners were at the start, with Lynne & Steven and their grey and white Charleston and Lyndon with his lovely white car.Β  With Lynne and Steven stating that they had to throw their visiting child out to be able to arrive at the meeting point on time… Extra points to you two πŸ˜€

Celeste (driven by Jo) led the convoy out of the car park, onto the busy avenue turning onto the inner road after the Grand hotel to go up Mont Cochon at First Tower to lead us through St Lawrence until we reached the farm house for coffee and banter.

For some strange reason I found myself going inside to order the coffees and was shortly joined by all the men from our group ordering for their better halves…. hummm did I miss a trick there ladies? Should have I sent my lovely hubby to do that?

Anyway, as we all sat in a very civilised way around the patio table to enjoy our drinks and engage in the usual 2cv chit chat and teasing, we were joined by Peter, Helen & Debbie and Stuart & Lynne.

I must not forget to mention that we weren’t the only car aficionados using the farm house Sunday, another club with posh boxes on wheels were using it too…. needless to say they did not come and sit next to us (I’m not sure why as I promise you we weren’t that smelly 😏). And as their cars were parked facing ours, it looked like a car face off in the car park 😳

2 1/2 hours went far to quickly and it was soon time for us to go our separate ways in search for some lunch. Until next month guys if I don’t see you before !


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