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About us

The club is the idea of Sean Power, Eddie Noel and Peter Kinley, they went to the French National meeting in La Rochelle and decided that it would be good to get the jersey 2cv owners together.

The 27th September 2015 was the first time Jersey 2cv & Mehari owners assembled together to go for a short drive, take a few pictures of their fabulous cars and gatecrash the Classic Car meeting taking place at the Farm House, so they could grab a coffee and a quick chat.

So far 15 cars have participated to some of the events and we are always willing to welcome new members, so don’t be shy and get in touch.

Visiting 2cv owners are also invited to get in touch as most of us don’t need an excuse to take the 2cv out on the road and show you some of the sights.

Chair person: Peter Kinley | email: peter.kinley@yahoo.co.uk | Telephone: 07797 738072

Website & media: Murielle Nicolas | email: murielle@jersey-webmistress.com | Telephone: 077977 728168

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