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September 2020 – St John

2 cvsThe day started with some very uncertain weather on the west of the Island, the downpour of rain that hit St Brelade at 9 am didn’t make it as far as town or St Clement. So the Eastern crew of the club thought the Western crew was turning into snowflakes for not wanting to get their beloved cars wet… Hedley Le Maistre (the real one) kept his car dried and did not join the group today.

A few more club members missing as they were enjoying an enforced “lie-in” due to enforced quarantine after coming back from Greek holidays. And of course, Leonard (Lynne’s dad) who came for the drive and coffee.

I will start with a warm welcome to Trevor and Liz, who have recently become proud parents of a red and white dolly (competition for Titinne).

The group met in the car park of St John’s school, behind St John’s Parish Hall and the drive was led by Phil and his white 2cv. We managed to keep together on the quiet lanes of St John and singled file paraded on the green lines at 15 miles/hour, waving at good-natured pedestrians and playing dodge them with the horse droppings!

Up and down we went (I don’t remember the names of the lanes) to finally arrive at the shooting range for our final descent towards Greve de Lecque for refreshment.

2cv being pushed

Photo courtesy of Liz Keeler

This is where, in true 2cv de jersey club that one of our divas decided to have a tantrum, and in the last tight bend, Earl Grey, Lynne and Steven’s car, decided enough was enough and stalled; refusing to restart. The chaps went to the rescue and got her out of her tight spot, forcing her to join the others for coffee…

Nice to the gang again after my long absence from the club.