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Sunday May 5th met at Les Fontaines car park.

The write up

Phew I couldn’t hear the car start that morning , then I saw Gary underneath Cassis oh dear, it was an airlock in the petrol pump. Hooray I heard that famous Singer sewing machine sound
Yep we were going to join our chums, what a lovely day for a drive.
Pauline was at les Fontaines with her little dog, Phil, Jacki, then Emma ,Helen’s friend joined us. Poor Helen had a boat to launch with Ben so was joining us at Le Hocq.
Eddie arrived with his lovely blue van only got it back on the Wednesday looking good.
Millie arrived with Allen and his friend Tom who is a tall person. He squeezed out of the back of the car and said it was like being in economy class.
Well Phil took the lead through Rue de Fremont then to Bonne Nuit. Then Rue des platons in Trinity, Rue de Boulay
Victoria Village, rue de Ponterrin my some of these were so narrow I kept thinking please let it be one way!!! No
they weren’t. .

A huge 4×4 had to drive up on the bank on it’s side to let us through, shame I’d just put my phone away would’ve been worth a photo.
We past La Hougue Bie it was very busy. So glad as Jo had made 40 Jersey wonders for the Jerriais festival!
Ended up in so many little lanes with sharp turnings, Fauvic then Rue des sablons along the beautiful coast road to Le Hocq. Wow so many parishes
We spotted Spencer’s lovely Gina in the car park all sides down, I feel the cold too much and that wind was bitter. In the summer we will do the same.

Clive Pearce came and said hello he had other commitments but it was nice to see him. Jo and Mark were guarding the petanque pitch. It was freezing up top
that bitter wind. We all trundled onto the beach under the wall, thank heavens it was warmer. Eddie left us to do his training for his Birmingham 100 miles challenge on his bike.
Phil had to go too.How we all missed you both.

Peter Style and his family made it down for the beach picnic as well.
Helen joined us, all the picnic tables and chairs were out, baguettes pate, crab,strawberries, prosecco the lot came out, oh and the ‘very posh table cloths ‘we were given by Lynne and Steve.

Murielle Chris and her friend from La Rochelle joined us she’d just finished work. More baguettes came out.
After we’d eaten we went up top to play boules.
It’s over 25 years since I played, crikey those boules are so heavy! My hands were so cold after the 2nd game ,I went back on the beach to warm up, , whilst Gary was learning French and Spanish on his phone.
It was peaceful on the beach we said goodbye to Murielle then when we got off the beach everyone had gone.
We went inside the tower as it was open that day.
Thanks Phil for parts of Jersey I’m sure I’ve never seen

Pauline is selling her car she has problems with her shoulder, so sharp bends etc are a hazard. Such a shame for her.


The Route

Leave car park opposite les  Fontain Tavern st John, Head east on north Marine drive   (la route de nord) to rue  Es nones , then turn south on rue de Fremont ,to first left  junction  then along to les cherrierers de Bonne Nuit until one reaches La rue des Barreques, then  at top of hill turn left/east  along la rue de la Mare des Pres, then across the boarder into Trinity on La rue des Platons until junction of Le vielle Charriere toward Bouley Bay until you join  les Charriere du Boulay then head south until you meet les Vielle Charrieres  climb to top of hill across junction to La Rue de Boulay then ,cross the main road to la rue du Carrefour,the  to la Verte rue along to Rue des Cateaux to rue de la Fosse and Victoria Village then along rue de la. Boucterene to Junction turn left , into Le re-de  Ponterrin  continues through lane to la Gerard route de St Martin head towards and past  la Hougue Bie  along main road until you get to La Rue du Carrefour Au Clercq, then along that lane until you join rue Le Catillon, which runs into La rue de Grouville ,then at yellow line , keep heading a short distance east on rue a Don, to  le rue des Fonds , then into La rue Du Parcq, then into la rue de la Marairs a la Cocque then at Fauvic turn right along Grand rout des Sablons , along coast to la Hocq.
Hope this is of help, it one of many routes I use when crossing the island, it’s far more interesting than being stuck behind heavy traffic on-our main roads.

Note I may not have all the correct names/spelling etc  of the lanes/roads  we took .

But it’s a great therapy using the lanes so great to see the real Jersey, and our country side  not just the built up arrears going from A to B.

Good luck making sense of this lot.