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March 2019 meeting

What a turn out on a less than desirable day!

Jersey 2cv club

Eddie and Clouseau, Helen, Ben, Millie and Scarlett, Jo, Mark and Celeste, Lyndon and Dinah in their white 2cv, Spencer, off spring and their lovely orange mehari, Peter (yes Peter before lunch!), Debbie and Millie and Other Peter and off spring in his GSA.

Clive and Liza went one better by bringing TWO Gladys’ or is that Gladi? With them. A fab little remote control version of the real thing went whizzing round the car park.

We welcomed newbies Steve, Claire and Hannah in Pixie a red 2cv and………even Little mule showed her face with Chris and child.

Of course a special mention to Lady Penelope and Parker (the AVs) in their Merc as their 2cv has now been valued at £12k so cannot possibly be driven when there is the slightest hint of rain!

Due to impending Sunday lunch rush at the Portelet and the fact we had stood in the freezing cold chatting for so long in the car park, not to mention the back lanes to the pub would have involved hair pin turns and very steep hill starts we took the direct route and piled into the pub to enjoy chat, coffee and hot chocolates. It was lovely to see Sandra, twice in one week…..you’ll be getting in a car soon!

Of course we missed those that couldn’t make it today and look forward to catching up next month for more fun and games.

A special thanks to Eddie for organising the Raclette evening on Friday. Very enjoyable and only very slightly woolly on Saturday morning. (I think the cheese may have been off!!!) As there were a few that couldn’t make it I suppose we will just have to do another one!

Happy 2CV’ing, see you next month.

Author: Jo Thorpe

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