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December 2018 extra drive out

2cv outing

It was a grey day…

But the weather didn’t deterย  those of us who were motivated enough to get out our pride and joys from under their covers and out of the garage to go for a drive.

6 of us made the start line (above) who was the car park at Green Island, on the South-East coast of Jersey. At 10:30 on a Sunday morning, only dog walkers were about so we had our pick of the parking spaces. At the line up, (from left to right) were: Millie, Titinne, Clive’s car (he has to give a name to his car sometimes…), Scarlett, Blanche and Celeste. Cassis was picked up somewhere on the way but I’m not too sure where…

The weather was, well…. Grey…. at least no rain, just a fine drizzle at time but not enough to get properly wet.


The ride….ย 

It had been Debbie’s idea to meet up outside normal club meeting days, so we decided to let her lead the convoy and take us to her drinking hole of choice to get our coffees and for some bacon or sausage rolls…ย 

And what a ride it was, Debbie took us through the Eastern back lanes, a lot of greenery, extremely narrow lanes, where, hopefully, the only thing we encountered coming the other way were unwary dog walkers who kindly gave way to our magnificent vehicles… Thank you all, it was appreciated ๐Ÿ˜€.

The route took us places I’d never been before, with a few places where hill starts were needed at stops, but the most memorable one was when Debbie chose a very, very, very steep hill and decided, near the top, to stop her car and do a hill start so she could finish the climb in first gear… Well it would have been fine, if Millie’s hand brake hadn’t become jammed in the process. After a good 5 very long minutes (for me who was right behind her and thinking- Oh Hell, I hope she doesn’t roll back), the boys gallantly liberated the hand-brake and off she went, with us following up behind her like little ducks.

But remember what goes up, goes down and we also had the dubious pleasure of driving down an extremely steep hill, where, in second gear, I was nearly standing on the breaks thinking, is Millie stops completely, I’m sure I will be able to stop…..

Finally …

First we tried to stop at the st Martin team room by the cricket pitch, but sadly, they were closed, so we pushed on to St Catherine’s breakwater cafe, who was extremely busy. We managed to park the cars, and then we had to elbow our ways in the cafe, kindly tell rude people telling us to close the door that we would do so once all our group was inside. After order our beverages, we jumped on any tables becoming free as soon as we spotted them. This should be an Olympic sport!

It has been a lovely , if eventful drive, thank you Debbie, I can honestly say that I haven’t prayed and cursed on a drive as much before, we will talk about this one for a while to come yet ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€