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Happy New Year run

It’s the 1st of January 2017

Well a chilly new year’s day saw four (then five, just not at the same time!) Meet at Le Braye for our first meet of 2017.
Sean, friend and Camille, Eddie, friend and Noddy, Jo and Mark with Celeste and a warm welcome to Stacey and family with Skippy.  We unfortunately just missed Helen, Ben and Debbie in Scarlett but they caught up with us at St Catherine’s.
We pottered up Le Pulente down through St Aubins and Mont Bingham to the coast road to head east.
We lost Skippy momentarily due to a ‘wasp in car emergency’ but gathered with the addition of Scarlett and Co, who we had gone without, at St Catherine’s only to find it was SHUT! Yes the cafe that is never shut was well and truly closed. Poor Eddie was really looking forward to a hot beverage to defrost with.

A very brief bit of banter as it was far to cold to stand around gassing and we were on our way.
Happy new year to all and get well soon to all that were too poorly to come out to play. We missed you!
Here’s to next month and hopefully an open cafe!
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Writer & photographer: Jo Thorpe