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September coffee

Weather, what weather?

Well what can I say about the weather? after a week of glorious sunshine (when we were all at work wanted to go and play outside) and a lovely Saturday it looked like we were going to have a good time with a BBQ/picnic… Well not this time!

The morning was dreary and it was decided via email that we would still meet at Le Braye at 5 but for coffee instead of food as the westerly gales were blowing and something wet was falling out of the sky 🙁  . And then, I got reminded that Le Braye closed at 5 on the Sunday… Quick change of plan to bring the time forward to 4:30, facebook page changed, email sent out…  Always worth keeping an eye in your inbox on the day of the club meetings!

Welcoming a new member in an ‘old’ car

Those of us who braved the weather (Jo & Mark, Helen & Ben, Murielle & Chris, Stuart & Penny and last but not least Chris) gave a warm welcome to Ricky and Paula who came to their first get together in a shiny blue Cecile that they had bought from Cathy. I was a bit surprised to hear that Ricky was also the proud owner of a Harley as he was neither old or fat …  I might have to revise my opinion of Harley riders 😉

As usual, a little bit of banter, I got gently chided for turning up 15 minutes late as I was living the closest to the meeting… No valid excuse really, except that I had an impromptu visit from daughter number 1 and I had to wait for her to leave before being able to join the gang…

As per usual our cars got a fair bit of attention, parked together, and the few surfers brave enough to come out were commenting and taking pictures as we were hugging our hot drinks huddling round our outside table.

On the way home

We all seem to exit the car park and drive towards la Pulente, were we came a across a collision between 2 cars, and had to wait for the ambulance to park itself. (heard later that no one had seriously been injured). A bit surprised to also cross path with not 1 but 3 police cars going hell for leather with blue lights flashing and sirens and all going in the same direction… An eventful trip home!

Always nice to see the gang, and to meet new people so until next month, drive safely guys !


Photos: Murielle Nicolas