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Festival of Motoring – June

20160605_112320_resizedJune’s usual monthly meeting was a little bit different to our usual potter out and cuppa.
We were part of the Festival of Motoring! Eddie facilitated our involvement with the organisers and we were set.

Unfortunately Murielle and Titinne were awol in the UK at the national meet but brought exciting news back of the possibility of the meet coming over to little ole’ Jersey in 2018. How wonderful that would be!
So back to Sunday. …. A select few pitched up at El Tico ready for the drive to our debut in the Jersey automotive world.
Eddie, his friend and Noddy, Sean and Camille, Chris, his boys and the elusive Little Mule (she does exist after all!), a newcomer (sorry didn’t catch you or your car’s name!) And the highly polished, Helen, Debbie and Scarlet and Jo, Mark and an equally shiny Celeste.Helen and Jo had been comparing valeting results all week!
Hang on……who’s this? It’s only Peter (our Chairman) more or less on time and actually in a 20160605_112305_resizedCitroën!😜
Off we went up the hill and across to descend into the valley, briefly loosing our new red friend as he went the wrong way but a quick reverse and he was back on track. Down into the valley and along the inner road ready to line up to go into the show ring for our cavalcade.
Slight confusion as to what was going on with various mixed messages regarding turning round and going the other way then turning back again from a bloke on a bike with a high viz and a walkie talkie (must be important) and then we were ready to do our laps.  There were some very loud cars flying round the circuit like complete lunatics before us and Jo heard a little boy asking his dad if the 2cv were racing next. RACING?! How very dare he?
Well Eddie decided we should put our pedals to the metal and we reached the top speeds on the ‘straights’.  I feel out of all the cars racing on Sunday we were probably the only ones that reached full speed!

20160604_111912_resizedAfter a few laps of the ‘race’ circuit with commentary we entered the park to settle and rest our pistons in the sun shine.
Our beautiful tin snails had a lot of admirers during the afternoon. Someone even asked if Jo would be interested in selling Celeste!  No price can be put on the happiness she brings so NO she is not for sale!
After all the excitement picnics were in order.  It was lovely to see we all had picnic rugs to match our cars!!!
What a wonderful day and brilliant to be part of such a great island event. Here’s to next year.


Author: Jo Thorpe