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1st meeting of the club – 27 September 2015

2cvs gatecrashing the classic car meet

2cvs gatecrashing the classic car meet

It all started with an article published in the JEP that mentioned Sean, Eddie and Peter and their quest for other 2cv owners to set up a club in Jersey.

The word spread and a few email laters, the date was set as the 27th September 2015… the instructions were:

  • meet at 10:30 am, in Jardin de la mer car park on the waterfront
  • see who comes
  • decide where to go for coffee

And just like that, one by one 9 2cvs and a mehari appeared, complete strangers congregated and started to talk 2cv speak, it’s amazing how quickly people can relate to each other when they love these little cars. A few passerbys sneaked pictures. it was truly a sight to behold. And then the last car arrived, a lovely burgundy and black Charleston driven by our Chair person Peter…

Now that everyone was here, the serious talk started and the plan was hatched to take our tin snails up the avenue, past Mont Felard and gatecrash the classic car meeting at the Farm House in St John, where we could get refreshments. Peter led the pack and we all made it there, lots of cars already there so most of the cars parked in the middle of the car park. Lots of old cars there but our 2cvs stole the show, so much that someone who was with the other group, went to swap his current classic to get his 2cv out of his garage to parade it.

We all grabbed a beverage of some kind and sat on the sunny terrace to decide on the next move, which was driving down to the car park up the north coast for a group picture. From there, a decision was taken to meet regularly on the 1st sunday of every month, starting in November.

So, see you at the next meeting!

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  1. Phil Rondell

    Well done Eddie / Shawn / Murielle / Peter etc

    Will join you all at a future rally with my 2 cv , unfortunately I have prior engagement for your November meeting but will see you in 2016.

    Phil Rondel

  2. Penny and Stuart Pattison

    Just seen your website. We have just bought Charleston 2cv from Peter Styles and what better way to meet up and discuss 2cv matters with like-minded people so hope to make the Nov meeting is it at Jardins de la Mer on the 1st and at what time?

    • Hello Penny & Stuart
      You will be welcome to the 1st November meeting for sure πŸ™‚ it will be at 10:30 but we are not sure where we going to start from. Keep an eye on the website, as soon as I get notified, I will post it.

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