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14th July Parade


Photo credit: Alain Aoutin

The French festival has returned to Jersey, and as part of the celebration of all things French and wonderful, the 2cvs were asked if they wanted to parade.

Of course, we could not refuse this kind offer of showing off our pride and joys. And whilst only 5 cars had confirmed that they would be there before hand, 10 cars turned up at the starting blocks… Well done all that came to help make the parade special.

Our starting point was the Elizabeth harbour, and when Titinne and I arrived after having hit traffic jam on our way from St Brelade and trying all the rat runs we knew, everyone was already there. Except for Chris  and Buzz who had stopped to pick up Clive as his car is sick and waiting to get seen by the Chevron team.

Titinne picked up a couple of passengers, proudly flying the tricolore out of her roof and tailed the parade, hooting as much and as loud as she could to all those lovely people waving at her….

St Aubin

parking fine

photo credit: Alain Aoutin

We arrived in St Aubin, and a lovely honorary policeman helped us parked in the reserved area, it was a bit of a tight squeeze but we all made it. The we let our cars show themselves off, as they were a bit of a crowd puller. And we went for a cuppa and a piece of cake inside.

We then came back out for a few photos before heading home, to find out Mr Honorary had give Buzz a fashion accessory not found in a Citroen garage!

A great representation from the club to celebrate our 14 of July commemoration, thank you to all club members !!!

Also, our thanks to the Constable of St Brelade, Mr Jackson, who allowed us to park in front of the Parish Hall for the Occasion, and to the organisers of the French festival, for inviting us to participate.

Pictures: Alain Aoutin

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