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10th January 2016 club run

Pembroke start

photographer: Debbie Podger

A sketchy start

Our start up point today was the Pembroke inn in Grouville, as I turned into the car park, it soon became apparent that it was full, but not with 2cvs. I spotted Camille, Celeste and the white 2cv of Phil but no one else. I parked Titinne in the last parking spot and ventured inside the doors to meet the early birds breakfast club who were finishing up their bacon butties and coffees. Soon, the other members of the gang started trickling in and it was time to go.

2cvs outside DVSCheeky photo stop

8 cars turned up, and we slowly meandered at 25 mph on the coast road all the way up Mount Bingham and down to la Collette to our local traffic office for a cheeky picture…. As most of us had imported our cars from either the UK or the continent, we had to get them registered so they could be road legal here. This meant having the vehicle inspected there to get approval, needless to say that for the majority of us, our little tin snails did not pass first time and it felt like a lottery….  However, now that we are all on the road legally, we thought we’d go and pose for a photo 🙂 .


photographer: Debbie Podger

The weather gods were shining upon us.

As the weather in the last couple of weeks has been short of abysmal,  storms with gale force 8 to 9 couple with torrential rain etc. Some group members were wondering if we could come out if the weather was really bad. As usual, for our monthly run, the weather god were shining upon us and we managed a relatively dry drive with a small shower and some beautiful rainbows on the horizon.

the convoy

photographer: Debbie Podger

The convoy

We set off from the DVS building to slowly drive towards our final destination, the Corbiere Phare. This time Noddy and Camille took the lead with Titinne closely in 3rd and the white in 4th, it became apparent in St Aubin that we had lost the rest of the convoy !!!!  It seemed that 30 mph was too fast to eive those who had to stop at the traffic lights a chance to catch up! so we pulled up at a bus stop at the top of st Aubin’s hill and waited for the stragglers to catch up with us. A few minutes later, we resumed our little drive all 8 cars following each other, and even managing to stay together through 2 further sets of traffic lights.

2cvs in front of German radio towerFinal destination

We arrived at the Phare about 11am as planned, give or take a few minutes, Mark described our synchronised  parking as “worthy of the red arrows“. The staff made us feel welcome as Eddie had found himself the seat nearer the heater to defrost as Noddy was very breezy indeed on the ride.  Lynne and Steven joined us for coffee at the phare as their grandparents’ duties had detained them earlier, Chris also made an appearance ‘sans’ little mule who had returned from her new paint job done and was waiting to be put back together.

coffee time

We shared a thoughts for our absent members, Cathy, Ron, Gary & Annie, Stacey, Helier and Clive & Sylvia, hope to see you at the next run guys.



Other shots from the day:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 16.39.49

photographer: Debbie Podger

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 16.39.26

photographer: Debbie Podger

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 16.28.07

photographer: Debbie Podger

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 16.40.07

photographer: Debbie Podger



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  1. Lovely to see everyone. Look forward to seeing you all at La Braye next month.

  2. Great photos btw!

  3. Thanks Jo, Debbie is pretty nifty with her camera 🙂

  4. So I have finally found out what’s really at the end of the rainbow…no not gold…something better…our president Peter!…great set of photos and as ever brilliant write up of today’s drive out……cheers Eddie…ps I have finally de-frosted

    • Glad to hear yo have defrosted, even all these layers of clothes didn’t keep you warm today, we need to get you a Russian hat and some aviator’s goggles !!!

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