October visitor

2cvs waiting to go on their run

The Sun is shining After the torrential rains of yesterday who was followed by the howling winds who rampaged through the island last night, it was hard to believe that the sun would be of the party today. But there it was, and combined with today being the first Sunday… Continue reading

April fool’s run

It’s Easter Not having taken part in the last few club runs and meetings due to work commitment, I was delighted to be joining the group with Miss Titinne this Easter week end. Little did I realise that it was also April fool’s day and upon arriving at the rendez-vous… Continue reading

November 2017 meeting

Well where did the time go? The last update to our club blog  was August, I can’t remember if we went out in September (old age creeping in I think or is it the only onset of Dementia?) but I know I missed the October meeting due to work constraints… Continue reading