October visitor

2cvs waiting to go on their run

The Sun is shining After the torrential rains of yesterday who was followed by the howling winds who rampaged through the island last night, it was hard to believe that the sun would be of the party today. But there it was, and combined with today being the first Sunday… Continue reading

14th July Parade

Titinne flying the French flag

Celebrations The French festival has returned to Jersey, and as part of the celebration of all things French and wonderful, the 2cvs were asked if they wanted to parade. Of course, we could not refuse this kind offer of showing off our pride and joys. And whilst only 5 cars… Continue reading

July 2019 run

A Growing Club I have been missing a few club runs because of work, and I am amazed to say that that every time I go to a club run, new cars and owners also show up. This month, we welcomed Jason and his acadiane Diva and Alan and Martine… Continue reading

April’s drive

Cafe Ouen car park

A sunny day dawned after the wind and rain of the preceding week, and this encouraged a good turn-out for the April meet. We all gathered at Highlands College car park, apart from Peter (I’m running late) Kinley whom we picked up later en route. Clive produced and impressed with… Continue reading

March 2019 meeting

Jersey 2cv club

What a turn out on a less than desirable day! Eddie and Clouseau, Helen, Ben, Millie and Scarlett, Jo, Mark and Celeste, Lyndon and Dinah in their white 2cv, Spencer, off spring and their lovely orange mehari, Peter (yes Peter before lunch!), Debbie and Millie and Other Peter and off… Continue reading